DeRose Method is an interlacing of concepts and techniques,

aiming at well-being and at a good quality of life. 

It is the most successful organization in the improvement of physical, emotional, mental and intuitional potential and personal fulfillment. It is the largest network in the world, yet having preserved its distinctive care and personalized touch for more than 60 years of experience.

Who is DeRose?

DeRose is a writer committed with several subjects including philosophy, self-knowledge, well-being, behaviour, nourishment, as well as literary fiction. He has written more than 20 books that are published in several countries and languages with over a million copies sold.

He is the codifier of the DeRose Method, a system that constitutes the core of the DeRose Method schools and network, consisting of an interlacing of concepts and techniques, the latter comprising breathing re-education, strengthening of the biological structure, stress management, among others.

The DeRose Method network has now over 250 establishments in Europe, North and South America.

How do the techniques work?

The physical positions promote the regulation of weight by stimulating the endocrine system. The successive positions of the body improve the irrigation of the brain and the retrieval of relevant neuronal connections, enhancing tissue elasticity, motor coordination and body consciousness. The positions compress internal organs, plexuses and glands with a purifying effect, promoting the internal hygiene of the stomach, intestines, maxillary cavity and bronchi.

The breathing exercises produce an extra quota of vital energy and increase the capacity of the lungs. They establish a reconnection between the conscious and the unconscious levels, promoting emotional stability.

The relaxation exercises enhance the cumulative effects of the previous techniques and their absorption, managing stress by building and directing the positive self-awareness that results from the practice, enabling the anticipation of goals. The concentration and meditation techniques bring a higher level of lucidity and self-knowledge.

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